Shekubah Kamara
Shekubah KamaraSenior Financial Analyst

Shekubah Kamara is an accomplished Senior Leader, Project Manager, and adept Logistics and Procurement Specialist, holding a distinguished Top-Secret Clearance.

With an impressive span of 15+ years, Shekubah has expertly overseen multi-million-dollar programs and personnel within the federal government sphere. His competencies encompass a diverse array, from offering strategic advice on human resource management, training, and fiscal integrity to managing budgets, contract administration, audits, and program rollouts.
His mastery over the entire contracting lifecycle distinguishes him from pre-award functions involving procurement strategies, objective delineation, and contractual vehicle identification to intricate aspects such as pricing arrangements, negotiations, solicitation management, contract selection, and post-award vigilance.

Shekubah’s trailblazing capability to unravel challenges and devise inventive resolutions has been evident as he adeptly orchestrates personnel, procedures, and technology to enhance overall performance and efficiency. His record of success resonates through his trail of accomplishments, underpinned by his consummate skills and dedication.