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Building Resilience in Critical Infrastructure + Buildings + Facilities

SandHurst-AEC serves as the client’s design and construction expert providing management and consulting services at any stage of the design and construction process. As an owner’s representative firm, we use innovation to meet our clients’ specific needs and desires.

Featured Projects

SandHurst-AEC provides management and consulting services to both private and federal clients.

Our Philosophy

As a management-consulting firm, SandHurst-AEC has developed a reputation for helping federal and commercial clients by effectively partnering in developing and implementing practical and sustainable solutions to address their pressing challenges. We employ a full menu of approaches and tools to assist clients with project delivery, process design, improvement, and reengineering. SandHurst-AEC‘s core competencies include supporting strategic planning, program evaluation, monitoring & measurement within organizations. We help clients create, develop, and maintain strategic plans to align client mission, vision, goals, objectives, and performance management initiatives.

Together with our clients, we develop a comprehensive plan to align their mission with investments in people, technology, and capital. Our management team has combined decades of experience. We are passionate about design and project management, technology, and innovation.

Trusted Partners

SandHurst-AEC serves as the client’s representative expert in program management, design, engineering, and construction, providing consulting services at any stage of the design and construction process. We collaborate with our clients and partners to develop and implement solutions using innovation as the key aspect of our strategy.